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What we can all learn from Will Smith

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Will Smith has been one of my favorite actor since i started catching him on tv, from the “Fresh Price of Bel Air” in the 90’s, to “After Earth”, his latest movie. He’s an actor that seemed to have grown together with me over the years. It’s great to observe how he has developed as an actor over time, and you just feel kind of connected with him, except you are not as big in name.

As you watch an actor grow and develop, you also start to wonder what is his belief, and what is his reason for working so hard? We’ve all seen teenage stars like Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan squander their life away, drinking, partying and taking drugs. So why do actors like Will Smith tough it out, get nominated for awards, and achieve his own success?

Great that i actually found this video posted by Jason West on YouTube where within which shared great interviews with Will Smith who had these to say.

  • Belief – Believe in your own plans before anyone starts believing in you. Be delusional. Believe in something different, and do things differently. Have faith in your own judgement.
  • Separate Talent and Skills – Talent is what you have naturally. Skill is achieved when you put in ridiculous, sickening, relentless effort to achieve your dreams.
  • Being better every single day – Every journey begins with a single step. Be better every single day. You must be better today than you are yesterday. Walls are not built by talking about it or dreaming about it! Walls are built by laying 1 brick at a time as perfectly as you can, every single day.
  • Greatness and Mediocrity- Greatness exist in all of us. Be bold and do something great. Mediocrity on the other hand starts with being overly realistic. Being realistic all your life only leads to mediocrity
  • Fear – Hate fear. Have the attitude to attack fear. It can be your best guide in life.

The video below just about says it all and it’s going into my top list of motivational videos in life. I shall let Will Smith better describe the way to success.

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2 thoughts on “What we can all learn from Will Smith

  1. awesome video, thank you for sharing!

    Posted by alohaleya | June 20, 2013, 9:36 pm

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